Why You Need A New Website in 2018

I'm simply amazed at the number of businesses that truly don't get the importance of a good website. It's important for business owners to understand that a website is more than just a place for customers to find some information about you. Business owners should think of their website as an integral part of their business plan, as it's often the first glimpse a potential client gets of your AV business.

Very few audio video business websites that I've seen would qualify as good. Hell, even the vast majority of vendor and manufacturer websites are bad.

Have you seen ADI's website? Holy garbage Batman! But there's a single shining star in the faceless pile of www. Let's talk about SnapAV, why have they had such massive success in such a short amount of time? I'd wager that a large portion of their success is directly related to their website design. They made signing up and purchasing from them hassle-free. They even won CEDIA awards for best website. Once they became one of the largest audio video distributors in the country.....What did they do? They completely redesigned their website. You can read about it here. Why did they change it? Because they're always trying to be better. Are you doing the same thing for your customers?

Your website says a lot about your business. What does yours say about you? Are you giving a great first impression? There's a lot at stake here. As the saying goes, there's never a second chance to make a first impression. You want your visitors to have a positive experience when they interact with your brand. We've all went to bad websites, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? The first thing that comes to my mind is to leave.

What about you?

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