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Service Only $79

Unhappy with your current hosting service? Let the Pixel Vault experts handle your website migration. We will move your site between any two web hosts with ZERO downtime. We can also handle any DNS and domain transfers to make the migration seamless.

Are we building a new website for you? The move is on us!
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Easy Website Migration

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1. Place The Order

Create a Pixel Vault account and add your site to our system. It only takes a couple of seconds. We charge a flat $79 fee; refundable if you aren't happy.
Login Credentials

2. Give Us Login Credentials

We will need login details for your old and new providers. We can help you gather them if you aren't sure. You can also give us a time for the migration if you do not want it done immediately.
Coffee Cup

3. Relax & Drink Coffee

Relax and sit back while our experts do the work. We'll let you know if there's anything else we need from you. Once migrated we will give you a preview link to test the site. Get started today.

Any Website, Any Host

All we need is access to your old and new hosts, and we'll get your site moved with ZERO downtime. Before we move your site, we'll do a site audit to ensure it's bug-free and the new host can support it.

If we find a problem with your site, we'll make you aware of any issues and remedy them before migrating your site.
If you choose Pixel Vault Hosting, we'll migrate your existing site to our servers 100% FREE.

Any website Any Host


It only takes a minute to get the best hosting for your AV Business.


Will there be downtime?

No, we will move your website to your new provider before repointing your domain. That way, both your new and old hosts will show your website during the changeover

Can Pixel Vault transfer my domain?

Of course, though you'll need to help us as the process is regulated and may need your input. More than happy to guide you though (included in the website move)

How long does a migration take?

We can usually start immediately (or at a time of your choosing). Migrations might be very quick - under an hour - or take up to day if there are a lot of files or some migration bugs.

More questions?

Give us a call, we're happy to answer any additional questions you have. (248) 274-6282

Can Pixel Vault handle DNS updates?

Yes, if you like. Just give us your domain provider logins and we can handle the DNS change. We can reduce the TTL in advance also.

Can you fix broken sites?

Yes, but not as part of this migration service.

I don't know where my site is hosted, can you help?

Yes. It's common that we have to help users gather login credentials and work out custom setups.