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R.I.P Angie’s List

Well, the news has broke. IAC (parent company) of Home Advisor (formerly ServiceMagic) has purchased Angie's list for $500 million.

What we know so far is this- The Angie's List name will remain. What we don't know is if they'll change the business model to be more like HomeAdvisor. Which in my opinion would be a catastrophe.

So for integrators that use Angie's list, people that you don't know, and probably don't have your best interests at heart may have negatively affected your business cash flow. That's just how it is.

A little story. Years ago, in the 90's, long before I had grey hair or any common sense, I did a lot of contract work for Circuit City. At the time it was a perfect fit for my business. I did DirecTV and home theater installations for them... I had 10 technicians from Michigan to Chicago working for me. Circuit City accounted for 85% of my business easily.

You know how this story ends...One day I woke up and Circuit City was gone. That's literally how it happened. No warning, just gone. At the time, I couldn't believe that as close as we were, Circuit City didn't even give me the common courtesy of a warning.

Just Gone. My goose that laid the golden egg was cooked while I was sleeping. Now my goose was cooked too. The next day, I called the technicians in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois to share the bad news. I wouldn't be sending them any more installations. The only good news is that they were all sub contractors and had their own things going on. Otherwise, I would've put 8 guys on unemployment in one fell swoop.

It was my fault. I didn't protect myself, I kept all my eggs in one basket. You can insert your own cliche' here if you'd like. The bottom line is this was was really EFF'ing bad.

I vowed never to get caught in a situation like that again. That's when I learned the importance of building relationships with customers, staying in contact, and building my business on relationships.

I was never going to let some faceless corporation hang my ass out to dry again!

As the internet became stronger I signed up with Service Magic, and Angie's List. I made a lot of money using Service Magic, easily into the high 6 figures over as many years.

Then they became Home Advisor, and things took a dramatic turn for the worst. They lost my business over a $36 bad lead that I wanted credit on. They refused. At the time, I was paying them $900 per month. (10k per year). And they traded that so they could keep my $36. But I was in a different position than I was with Circuit City. I was ready, willing, and able to tell them to take a hike, and that's exactly what happened.

You don't own Angie's List, Facebook, or any other company other than your own. One policy change can screw you over in a big way. So, what is an integrator to do? Email.

In fact, today would be a great day to send an email to your Angie's List customers reassuring them that like Bon jovi, you'll be there for them.

Don't have an email list? Start building it today. Don't even know where to begin? sign up below and I'll send out my step by step instructions directly to your inbox.

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