March Studio Update

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I can't believe it's taken me three months to write this, but I've been busy.

Around the Christmas season, I did a little give away of a Veto Pro Pac XLT. Rhea Robison was the winner and was kind enough to send a picture. Congrats Rhea! I'm sure he'll put that thing to work.


The last couple of months, I've been down a rabbit hole working on a few different sites for integrators across the country. I reworked an outdated site for the guys from JB Media in Burnsville, MN. I also built a new site for Scenic City AV in Chattanooga, TN. And my buddy Chris Hall asked me to build a nice open pager for his new venture CCanTech in Owensboro, KY.  

Signature Sound & Video got a new website too!



Brenden Z. asked me to rework his site, and this was really a labor of love for me. There's only one site that drives me more crazy than Brenden's and that's a guy near Santa Barbara (yes, I'm talking to you). It's not that the SigSV was a bad site because it wasn't. The problem was that he simply didn't have time to keep up with it and it was outdated, and in the integration business, that's not great. Now, I take care of it for him. I keep everything updated and running smoothly. When he wants to add something he just sends an email and like magic it get done.

The New PRD Logo

I was tired of my logo (once again) and I worked up a new one to go with the latest iteration of the new website. I really like it a lot (as of right now). Mac Burks was nice enough to reach out to me on Facebook and tell me that he liked it, which meant a lot.

Want to connect on Facebook? You know what to do.



What's the future going to bring? I'm in the process of putting together a Facebook Group for my customers. I'm always ready to do a website. I've wire-framed a few envelope pushing designs. If anyone is interested, I might even give them a discount to let me have a little fun. Spring is around the corner, I'm looking forward to finally getting outside.


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