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Want to drive more business? Pixel Vault's Local SEO services will build your online presence and help you get noticed on Google. Over 97% of customers search online to find local service providers, like you. If you're not employing local SEO strategies to stand out in the search engine results pages (SERPs) you're likely losing customers (and money) to your competition.

Pixel Vault has a proven track record of driving qualified leads to our clients' websites, optimizing their websites, and improving their organic rankings.

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Local SEO For Custom Integrators
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Local SEO. The Best Tool In Your Toolbox

Stay ahead of your competition and above the fold.

Custom integrators understand putting pieces of the puzzle together to create one cohesive system. The same is true for your online presence. Unfortunately, the majority of integrators across the country have ignored Google and rely solely on referrals from friends, family, and previous customers. That could be a big mistake.

Pixel Vault website optimization involves targeting heavily-searched keywords with pages that give your potential customers the information they're looking for. We use SEO tools to find out what key terms are searched most and perform better. We look at highly ranked competitors to see what performs well, and we outline pages that satisfy the most popular keywords.

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Stay ahead of your competition and above the fold.

Need to improve your company’s position in the rankings on the search engines (Google, Bing)?
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    Local SEO Services For Your AV Business

    Dominate Local SEO for your services

    You know that you want to make it into the Snack Pack, but how do you move up the rankings? First, you don't need a huge budget. Your first step is to make sure your Google My Business page is set up and optimized. We know what information Google wants to see in your listing and how to present it.


    Google My Business

    Getting Noticed On Google

    You've seen Google My Business profiles appear with organic search results. Google's goal is to put information about your business in front of potential customers. However, your potential customer is also Google's customer, they want to give people searching for your services the best opportunity to get great service, and find exactly what they need in one-click. To make the most of every opportunity, you should make sure your Google My Business page has accurate information about your business. This sends a strong signal to Google that you are open for business! Your Pixel Vault expert will go through your Google My Business account and assure that all of the information is accurate.


    Bidding Strategies That Work

    Raise Awareness, Get Leads, Make Money

    Google Ads has something for integrators of all sizes with different budgets and advertising goals. In a sea of over 2+ Trillion searches per year — why wouldn't you put your shovel in to see how much revenue you could bring up?

    Start leapfrogging the organic search results and earn clicks and conversions with the help of Google Ads

    Reach your ideal customer when they're online searching for your services.

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