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How The Google Guarantee Works

Google Rolls Out the "Google Guarantee" For Home Services.In select cities, Google has started to roll out a verification process for home service businesses. Once your business is qualified you'll be officially "Google Guaranteed". What the search results look like. How It Works For Customers
  • If you’re unhappy with the work performed, you can submit a claim and Google will cover the invoice amount up to a lifetime cap of $2,000.
  • The job must be booked through Google Home Services. Any future work completed by the same provider, unless booked through Home Services, is not covered.
  • Currently only locksmith, plumbing and electrical jobs are covered in select cities.
  • The Good. The Bad. The Holy Sh!t. Why is this possibly, maybe, could be a really big deal? Well, to put it simply if your business includes the Google Guarantee designation in searches, prospective buyers are going to be considerably more likely to choose your business.

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