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#1 reason you should use email marketing for existing customers

On any given weekday, my inbox fills with hundreds of automated newsletter emails. They're generally worthless tripe that serve no purpose. They get deleted as fast as they arrive.

But every now and again, I run across a gem that's so good that I not only click it, I read it, and sometimes share it.

In the days of busy inboxes, email marketing campaigns need to be clever. The emails themselves need to be personalized and filled with graphics or images. They also need to have a clear call to action.

If you're a SONOS dealer, you may have seen their newsletter with "tips and tricks". These are the greatest emails in the world. It's well designed and it shares information that the reader may not know about a product they love. What could be better?

Could you send a similar email to your customers? Of course you could. The audio video industry is chock full of products like this. Heck, if you're a SONOS dealer, their email templates may be available to you!

Now, let's capitalize on the fact that your existing customers already know who you are. They're very likely to open the email. If it's interesting and designed well, they'll click it, read it, and share it.

Email campaigns are a great way to stay in contact with existing customers. They help build relationships, keep you top of mind, and show your customers that you're the expert.

If you're not collecting your customers email addresses, start today. It's a great way to nurture relationships, get referrals, and increase revenue.

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